What Savvy London Escorts Do

It took me a while to appreciate that I was being savvy enough. When it dawned on me that I was not making the most out of my job with London escorts, I had been with the agency in London for about six months. During that time I had not learned a thing from my senior colleagues at the escort agency, and not only that, many of the girls who had been there for a long time, did not seem to keen to share their secret knowledge how to make the most out of working for an escort agency in London.

One of the things that my London escorts colleagues had not told me about was their little black books. When I was on the Underground one day, I saw this person with a little black book write notes in it. I smiled, and he said that he kept details of all of his business contacts and he still preferred to use his old Filofax. I had never heard of a Filofax, but I checked it out and I realised it was a good idea. It was not long before I had one in my hand. I started to write down my gents names and what they did for a living. Some of them could be useful contacts.

Having worked in other parts of the adult industry in London before London escorts, I knew that tips are important. However, I had never used them in a savvy way before. Most of the time by the end of the week, I would go shopping and spend all of my tips on stuff that I did not really need. The other girls saved their tips, and now I could see why. You really could do well, and if you used your tips to pay for useful stuff, you could leave your actual earnings in the bank.

What about all of those gifts? I have never really been into designer gear and stiff like that. When a gent I had been dating for a while at London escorts gave me a nice handbag, I often used to just put in the wardrobe. One day I bumped into one of the girls as she was coming out of a pawn brokers in London. She told me that she had just sold all of the designer bags that she had received from gents she was not dating anymore. The amount of money that she had got was amazing and I could not believe it.

That day I hurried home and checked out my bags. To my surprise rather a few of them came from designers and it did not take me long to check out the value of my bags. I was so surprised but I could finally see why so many girls at London escorts loved receiving handbags. They were worth a small fortune, and I could make some serious money if I sold them. Well that is how I learned how to become a savvy London escort, and to make the most out of the generosity of the gents I dated at the escort agency In London.

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