Tell him he is not the one

It comes the time when you are dating a guy and you have gotten to know him and maybe even sealed the deal in the bedroom department says Bayswater Escorts. Also what happens if he doesn’t fit your criteria of mister right. He is just too nice and too sensitive and not manly enough for you. Or his ego is the size of the planet. Or you realize your just not attracted to him as much as you thought you were says Bayswater Escorts.

The problem is telling them…we all tend to string them along in fear that we are going to be the bad guy. Especially us girls, I think to be honest we like the attention that someone is interested even if where not interested in them, so we drag out the inevitable conversation.

Lying and telling them one thing that you are exclusive to them, however you are eyeing out the other potential candidates in the dating scene says Bayswater Escorts.

Dating is trial and error and it is all about testing out what is out there and what you want from the opposite the sex. So I think there are rules when deciding to enter the awkward moment of ending the dating game.

Be honest and straight up front from the beginning, be confident, be the Bitch sometimes, even if it isn’t what they want to hear it is better they know the truth.

Try not to be judgmental, picky or have unrealistic standards that no guy could meet so you don’t have the conversation when maybe you in fact should give them a chance. Be respectful and you can do the deed without acting stuck up, rude or too good for them says Bayswater Escorts. Try and avoid sending the text message or just randomly deleting them off the online dating site or off your friend list on Facebook. Do not just avoid the situation, especially after many dates not giving any closure and just taking the easy way out and become missing in action is not fair on them.

When giving them the reason don’t give the typical line, “It’s not you, it’s me” it will never end well. But a reason, even a dumb one is better than nothing. An honest reason is better. If you are telling the truth they should understand your point of view and why you are doing what you are doing. Even if they don’t get it at first, they eventually will or at the least appreciate your honesty says Bayswater Escorts. We are not going to like everything we hear.

Don’t lead on guys when you know you’re not ready to commit in the first place or not over your ex. It is only going to get messy. This is a tough rule to follow, as so many of us go on the rebound, looking for a quick fix to get over an ex, when we really should just stay home, eat the ice cream outta the tub, listen to sob love songs and have the endless “what if” and “why” conversations with our mates.

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