My New Year’s Promise to Me

Have you made a New Year’s promise to yourself? My New Year’s resolution this year is to ditch alcohol. I really think I am drinking too much and I have decided to go cold turkey after New Year. The main problem is not in my private life. When I am at home, I am not tempted to drink at all so I don’t drink at all. But, when I am dating for Brompton escorts, I seem to be drinking all of the time. The biggest problem is dinner dates, and I found that I drink a lot more when I date.

A date normally starts with me turning up at a restaurant, and the first thing I do is to get offered a cocktail. When I am at home, I would not dream of starting my day with a cocktail, but I always do when I am on a date with Brompton escorts. Sometime I even end up having two or three cocktails and that is really terrible. Sure, it tastes nice, but I really don’t need too have all of those cocktails.

After finishing my cocktails, I normally move on the wine. Once I have started to drink, I find it really hard to control my drinking, and I know that I can easily drink two or three glasses of wine per night. Most of the gentlemen I date on behalf of Brompton escorts drink a lot more, but I do try to say no, but ti does always work out for me. Sometimes it feels like I am compelled to have more drinks than I need to have just because everyone else around the table is drinking.

My evening does not stop there. Once all of the wine has been polished off, a lot of the gents around the table like to move on to after dinner drinks. I never used to drink after a meal, but recently I have ended up having things like Tia Maria and Baileys after the meal. It was nice at first, but during the last couple of months I have started to feel rather sick at the end of the evening and my liver hurts under my ribs. Most of my gents I date at Brompton escorts don’t seem to have a problem at all, but I really do not think that my body can take this much alcohol.

Alcohol can give you diabetes and all sorts, and I think that I am going to stay away from it. It will not be easy to give up drinking alcohol as I cannot see that any of the gentlemen I date at Brompton escorts are going to give it up, but I will have to give it up. When I look at myself in the mirror, I think that I have aged because of my drinking. My skin does not look so good anymore, and I have put on weight. Drinking too much can really cause a lot of health problems, and it is about time I put down that glass of wine and switched to water instead.


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