My favorite gents at Croydon escorts

I am often asked by my friends who do not work for Croydon escorts, if I have any favorite dates. The truth is that you meet an awful of gents in this job, but you do get to know some of them. During my time at the agency, I have been able to pick up rather a lot of regular dates, and I must say that I like all of my regular dates. After all, we must have something in common, otherwise I don’t think that we would carry on dating. It is not cheap to date escorts, and unless you really like a girl, you would not carry on.

The majority of my regular dates here at Croydon escorts are with gents in their 40’s and 50’s. The nice thing is that they come from all different walks of life, and I have to say that I kind of like. It would be boring to date all of the same type of people. Some girls don’t like to date gents in their 40’s and 50’s but I think it is nice. We always seem to have something to talk about when we are together, and they don’t come and go in a heated rush like some younger ones.

A couple of my favorite dates here at Croydon escorts are airline pilots. The thing is that Gatwick airport is not very far away, and you do get a lot of pilots on stop overs coming into town. A lot of my pilots tend to be American and I am not so sure why it has ended up being that way. They tell me that they like to date English girls, and that they get turned on by our accents. It is kind of funny, but I do rather get turned on by American accident.

I also date a lot of international business men who visit Croydon on a frequent basis. Croydon is getting to be rather a big business hub, and it shows in the kind of gents that visit us here at Croydon escorts. They are all very well spoken, always smartly dressed and leave fantastic tips. I would love to say that I could run away with a couple of them, some of these guys are seriously fun to be with on dates. A lot of them also like to take you out, and that makes a nice change.

There are now more Croydon escorts agencies opening up, and some of them just focus on dating in and around the airport. It is not really for me as I like to meet local gents as well. Working for an airport escorts service is really stressful and you are always rushing around. I don’t really want to do that, so I focus on dating local gents. Also, local gents make up many of my regular dates, and having regular dates is really important. It is the best way to make money in the escorts service, and any other business as well I would have thought.

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