I miss my Sugar Daddy

Although I am busy at escorts in London sx, and could work more hours at the escort agency in London, I miss my Sugar Daddy. Not only did it help that he supported me a little bit financially, but he was good fun to spend time with as well. At first, I was not sure if I wanted to have my own Sugar Daddy, but it is popular at the moment. We spent six happy months together, but then he moved to Australia to spend more time with his daughter who lives in Sydney.

I would love to find another Sugar Daddy. Believe it or not, I found my Sugar Daddy by chance when I was shopping for groceries on my day off from London escorts. When I looked in his basket, I soon realised that he as a single guy and I started to chat to him. One thing led to another and he asked me out. Most of the time I don’t guys I work for London escorts, but he seemed to be the chilled out type so I told him.

He insisted to pay me for my time with money or small presents. At first I felt a little bit to accept the presents that he gave me, but then I realised that he was a genuine sort of guy. When we went out he would always pay for our time out, and give me something as a thank you. Sometimes it was cash, and other times it was a nice present. I loved it, and it did take me some to appreciate that he really was my Sugar Daddy.

It was not until one of the girls at London escorts called him my Sugar Daddy, I really started to think about him as my Sugar Daddy. Since he left and moved to Australia I have heard from him a couple of times, and he has even invited me Down Under to see him. It sounds like he is living in a fantastic place and as he has offered to pay for my ticket, I would love to go to see him. Who knows? I might even really like Australia

In the meantime, I am looking for another Sugar Daddy here in London. You can use all of these specialist websites to find yourself a little bit of Sugar, but I am not sure. I have tried a couple of them, and the guys that I have come across have not been so nice. It would be better if I could bump into my own Sugar Daddy when I am out and about, or even meet one during my time with London escorts. I realise that I was a lucky, and I have to admit that none of the other girls at London escorts seem to have Sugar Daddies who were as nice as mine. He was probably the best Sugar Daddy that I will ever have and be lucky enough to find in London.


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