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You will find that most escorts have a professional name as well as a proper name. The Better Sex Guide thought it would be interesting to find out how some of the hottest girls from Harlow escorts services got their professional names. So, we invited three of the girls to join us so we could get to know them and they could get to know us. It is always nice to meet some of the hot and talented ladies who work and live in the Greater London area. It should hopefully highlight the fact that escorts service can be found all over London.

Pickles have been working for Harlow escorts from http://cityofeve.com/harlow-escorts for the last 18 months. She enjoys her job and says that her name has a very natural explanation. I am not unlucky, says Pickles, but I have always managed to get myself into various pickles. This started when I was rather young and still continues. My name actually came from infant school when one of my teachers started to call me Pickles. This made my mom laugh and she started to call me Pickles as well. Ever since then I have been known as Pickles and I have to say that it describes me to a T.

Magenta is one of the other girls who joined us. I am afraid there is nothing exotic about the name Magenta she says. It came from a nail polish I used to wear a lot of when I first started to work as an escort. I suppose I should have really changed but some how it is me, It seems to suit me and after all an artist should not change his or her name, she says with the wink of one eye. My entire life has become a Magenta theme, and it is a great life.

Mina is another one of the girls who’s name is a bit more difficult to explain. Her grandmother was from Greece and Mina means little goddesses in Greek. I was a bit of a late child, says Mina, so my gran started to call me Mina. For ages I thought I was actually called Mina and it caused confusion when I started school. I have even thought about changing my name to Mina but I haven’t. All of my friends call me Mina, so I guess I will forever be Mina. Not a problem at all and I sort stand out at Harlow escorts.

I am sure that it isn’t just Harlow escorts that has got some unusual artistic name. We are going to be taking a look at some other agencies around London and see if they can beat Harlow escorts when it comes to the name stakes. The girls at Harlow seem to really like their nick names and I feel pretty certain that they will continue to use them for the rest of their lives. Once you have found good name, it can be hard to let you of it and of course it makes you stand out from the crowd.

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