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Valentine’s day is a yearly celebration, a month of love and a day of couples. Many people choose to celebrate it and spread love all over. It’s a beautiful feeling when you have someone to celebrate it. I always look forward on that day wishing to have someone to date. Someone that is very close to my heart and I am in love. It’s a beautiful feeling when we have someone in our life. When I was a kid, valentines day is one of the special events; everyone is busy buying flowers and chocolates to give with their loved ones. I also saw how my parents give time to themselves that day, dad prepares a surprise for mom, and they are so sweet to look at. I always dream of having someone during Valentine’s day, I want to feel the experienced. When I was a little bit younger, I have a girlfriend. I admired her since we were graders. I told myself I wouldn’t give up until she is not mine. I want her that much that I am ready to take risks for her. And to me like to her, I started to show my affection when we were kids. I love to give her a note and flowers during valentines day. She hadn’t known about it, but I am happy when she picked it up in front of her door in the morning. We are just neighbor and noticed that in all of them, she woke up early and go to the garden to talk with her plants. She loves plants and flowers so much that even not valentines day, I surprise her unknowingly. I did it continuously and made her happy. It took me longer to get to close with her; I am afraid to be rejected and ashamed too. Until such time, when we’re in college, she caught me while putting flowers in her front door, I ran away immediately. I was absent for three consecutive days, and so she messages me on Facebook. It’s our first conversation, and I am overwhelmed by her. We hang out and became friends. And later on, have a smooth relationship. I thought I could finally date a woman in this Valentine’s day, but she broke up with me before she goes to Florida. I feel so pain at that moment, I lose hope and for so many years. I stop believing in Valentine’s day. Years passed, I stayed in London for work. It was valentines day and decided to book a cheap London escort from https://charlotteaction.org/cheap-london-escorts. I did not regret that I book her since she is so pretty and kind. I enjoy myself with her and have a romantic night together. I Celebrate Love with a cheap London escort I book in  Valentines day


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