Addiction of Sex – the Reason and Effect

Sex crazy- the terms can mean different things for different people. But is it really a fact that people are turning to be sex maniac with time? Well, maybe yes, because of so many kinds of influences in our daily lives. A lot of people blame internet for being the place for spreading free pornography and making it easy for even kids to access adult sites too like St Johns Wood escorts. However we can just not blame the internet for spreading porn or just porn for driving people to become sex addicts. Addiction to sex is not uncommon these days and even young teenagers are becoming crazy about sex which is ruining the base for having a healthy relationship with their sex partners.

Watching porn can be one of the reasons of being a sex addict; however it is a debatable topic. Many people become sex addict to break free from the boredom of the regular mundane life says St Johns Wood escorts from They do not even understand that it is not a normal way of leading life. With so much of exposure in this technologically advanced world, people are finding themselves lonelier and indulging into casual sex more than ever. St Johns Wood escorts are also playing a major part in satisfying these sex addicts. Addiction to sex is also referred to as intimacy disorder that compels a person to indulge into sexual acts too often than it is actually required.

Signs and Symptoms of Becoming a Sex Addict

If you would know that your partner is turning on to be a sex addict if you observe:

– That he is staying up late all alone and watching TV or browsing through the net

– Watching porn videos and pictures

– Controlling during a sexual intercourse and having frequent mood swings

– Being very demanding about sex

– Lacking intimacy in your relationship otherwise

– Not communicating during sex and just concentrating on the intercourse part

– Becoming dishonest gradually

– Visiting escorts services websites


All these and many more may account for your partner to be a sex addict.


24_11_16 london escorts 51Though, the escort service providing agencies and especially the escorts are doing a great and noble job by satisfying the wild and crazy fantasies of these sex crazy people. Being with the escorts such people can release their sexuality and craze as these girls do anything and everything that might satisfy their customers till the extreme level according to St Johns Wood escorts. Otherwise, if they don’t provide this valuable service for the society these violent and sex crazy persons can be dangerous for the safety and security of females in the society. So, these girls must be respected for the services that they are doing for the society at the cost of their beauty and safety.

Well, if you notice any such signs in your partner and if you are willing to help him or her out of this disorder then you can go for a couple counselling. After all we cannot have a take on the bad side the technological advancement and lead the world to be a crazy place.


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