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When it comes to getting a one-night stand, research shows that men should abandon clever chat-up lines and rely on their raw instincts or the “caveman” instincts. Women who are seeking a sexual experience from an admirer like it when he gets straight to the point than using romantic pretense. This is according to a study by Dr. Jeffrey Hall and Dr. Melanie Canterberry, of Kansas University.
The first study interviewed 363 college students and the second involved 850 adults via the internet. The study found if a man was trying to use clever chat up lines to secure a one night stand he will be less successful according to Tottenham Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/tottenham-escorts. You can get her to come to your place and see something or do something with you. Give a comment about how sexy she looks before giving that suggestion of her to accompany you to “privacy”. It is also much easier for you as a man to make sure the evening starts at a place close to your place or hotel. You want to savor the “dish” while it is still hot!
The positive sexual comment is to hint to her you have observed she is ready for a sexy night. The comment that follows the sexual comment is to let her know you are now taking her to the have that one night stand according to Tottenham Escorts. A glass of wine after a good meal is the fuel that is needed before going all sexually aggressive on her. You can attest it that one of the best ways to get a person in to good moods is to intoxicate them with food and drink. Be a man, an aggressive man guiding her to bed, as you walk out, place you hand lightly on her shoulder.
If you are walking on her right, put your left hand around her and over her left shoulder but do not let it weigh her down according to Tottenham Escorts. The aim is to make her feel protected. Do not touch her ass hold her hand instead. When you get to a private place just lock the door immediately to signal its private, then walk from behind, sit her somewhere, tell her to come close but be the one getting closer and do whatever comes to mind.
Softly speak words like, “am going to fuck you babe, deep”. Remember as long as you have done all the right things, she wants you to take responsibility of the whole evening and the one-night stand. Go for it, you are the Man!

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